Welcome to my website. I am an artist and painter, living in Sussex. I hope you enjoy looking at my oil paintings and drawings as much as I do creating them.

My themes concern emotion and identity and my practice focusses on the body language of the face as an examination of human strengths and frailties. I treat the face as a sculptural landscape and use dramatic light to emphasise the contours of expression and emotion. The compositions are closely cropped. The colour palette is rich and vivid. The outcomes are intense. My aim is to create powerful and insightful portraits that capture the human spirit. The outcomes ultimately, must speak for themselves.

I take inspiration from statues, sculptures and gargoyles; theatre, film and the media. I pay homage to the Dutch masters: Van Eyk, Rembrandt, Vermeer and the contemporary practice of Ken Currie, Marlene Dumas and Lucien Freud.

People say so much with their faces and we are all unique. Capturing the fleeting sense of someone’s soul is something worth searching for. Surprising them with it is a delight.

Please browse my portfolio and contact me for further information and prices.

Beccy Green
BA (Hons) Fine Art